Friday, October 30, 2009

thoughtful quote (& a cozy scarf)

A delightful soul shared this quote with me this week. So appropriate. Thanks, K!

"In a world filled with causes for worry and anxiety, we need the peace of God standing guard over our hearts and mind." ~ Jerry McCant


Vintage Lizzie said...

Beautiful Quote!!...Love those cutie patootie wreaths!!!...and the scarf...YUM!!!...Hope you have a fun weekend!!!...Hugs!...Lizzie

Oliveaux said...

So true. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Ax

Anonymous said...

Great quote. Beautiful scarf.

Wishing you a wonder-filled weekend.


The Jolly Bee said...

What a darling scarf! I hope you're enjoying your days (and you're all feeling better).

cindy said...

LOVE it. And yes, so perfect for these times! :D

yapping cat