Monday, December 29, 2008

"don't shoot your eye out, kid."

Christmas highlights...
A boy & his new bb gun (thanks, Papa!)

And...the most mortifying gift.

My sister finally got her new house! Closing & moving at the end of this week. Tickled for her!

I got a surprise gift from hubby...something I've always wanted to do. Here's a clue: Sweet Sister & I will be going somewhere this week to watch something "drop."

Have been counting our blessings and enjoying every moment of vacation & time at home. It's so good for the soul! Have a great week and see you in the new year!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

love thy neighbor

...and we sure do love our neighbor, Florence for sharing the most delicious homemade Christmas cookies with our family!

another lesson in christmas JOY

My sister is a high school teacher. She's good at it and she teaches good life-lessons to her students. She invited me & Young Boy to tag along to one of her extra-cirricular Christmas events on Monday evening. Her students made 20 fleece blankets for residents of their local nursing home. My dad dressed up as Santa and together with the kids, they delivered hats and blankets to the residents. Thanks for letting us go along and watch your joy in action.

we saved the best (shopping) for last

On Monday, Sweet Sister & I ventured to Greenville, OH to shop at a lovely out-of-the-way store, McMaster & Storm. I was so, so sad to be greeted by this sign.

Upon inquiry, the website WILL remain open (yeah!) but the retail store will close in the new year. (And the sale...well, that's for in the store only.)
So glad we got one last chance to experience the magic that is McMaster & Storm.

family caroling

For many years, my dad's side of the family has gathered on a Sunday in December to go Christmas Caroling in our neighborhood. I've never gone, until this year. Shame on me...for there are lessons in JOY to be learned. We went to 3 nursing homes and 3 homes of relatives & church members. Young Boy & I had so much fun with Papa and my sister...and lots of singing relatives.

Many thanks to this lovely-lady-cousin (above) who organizes this event each year.

Friday, December 19, 2008

debut of the trombone

We're in Christmas mode, full swing. Last night was Young Boy's debut of the trombone at the Christmas Program. In the 5th grade, you're allowed to take band or choir ("huh-uh, I'm not singing!") We're discovering that the noises that can come out of a trombone are really quite...surprising, shall we say.

And this. This is the ok-I'll-give-you-the-fake-smile-so-you'll-put-the-camera-away smile. He's wearing his new "first-real" tie that Papa taught him to tie.

Next up, 5th grade Christmas party this afternoon. Then...must begin wrapping!

Friday, December 12, 2008

a tree...finally, a tree!

Yep, 2 weeks before the big day, the tree is finally up! Holiday vacation at work is nearing quickly, so this is when I have to kick it in high gear and get the shopping done. Have picked up handmade things along the way this year, so I have a little start,'s serious business now.

Note to self...get ribbon for lonely package under tree.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

christmas crafts and...santa!

Wow! What an awesome weekend. Saturday's holiday craft show was snowed big, fluffy flakes all afternoon, and the shoppers were definitely in the Christmas spirit! Many thanks to all who stopped by and supported all of the artists and crafters that were there. And a special shout out to Mary of the North Market for organizing such a lovely event! Hugs to Young Boy for being the set-up 'employee' and for my sweet sister who sat at the table so I could have a little shopping break.

Sunday, Young Boy was in our hometown Christmas parade with his karate class. That's him with his black-belt Sensei. It was COLD, but watching the kids catching Christmas candy and eating snow from the sidewalk (ack!) was fun! Hmmm, maybe now I'd better start thinking about Christmas shopping...

Oh, and one more thing...thanks to the waiter (from Wiley, TX) at Applebee's this afternoon for SUCH entertainment! "Ain't no use conversatin' over dirty dishes." Now, that is spreading the Christmas cheer.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

sneak preview of north market show

We'll be at the North Market Holiday Open House this weekend. Here's a sneak peek at some new cupcake studio goodies that will be there. Stop by this Saturday between 8am - 5pm if you're in the Columbus area. (I'll be cleaning out the etsy shop tomorrow morning as well, so if there's anything you'd like, you might wanna get it before Friday morning.) Enjoy!

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Seriously!? Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!
We celebrated at the Japanese Steak House...Young Boy with Queenie & Papa

...with Great-Grandma & Grandpa

and, with his cool aunt!

Have a great year being eleven! Love you!

Friday, November 28, 2008

avoiding the malls...

and crafting today. Happiness.

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Counting ours today. Happy Thanksgiving!