Wednesday, October 28, 2009

a new life

I woke up this morning. Unemployed. Wow. A little sad but with an overwhelming sense of calm. Thanks, God!

Today, I begin my new life. Complete, true, optimistic, bright, fun...and hopefully a little crafty.

I'm embracing the joy. Embracing my awesome family. Embracing picking up Young Boy from school this afternoon. Embracing my real friends. Embracing a bright, new, undiscovered future. Life is good.

Hmm...what to do now. Sit on the couch and enjoy a few bon-bons? Not a chance!


Anonymous said...

I added my favorite quote to my blog sidebar recently:

"Barn's burnt down.
Now I can see the moon." ~ Masahide

I just know you will enjoy your new life!


Dogwood said...

Life sure can toss us some challenging things in life. Sounds like you have lots of postive people in your life and a good support system and a good outlook on life.

Have a nice day. Enjoy...

Diva Kreszl said...

How wonderful that you are remaining open to all the glorious possibilities that lay before you! Enjoy your precious time with family and let the rest take care of itself.

Anonymous said...

You've got so many fans in this world rooting for you...and so many other cool things you can do now. I love that quote that Zuzu left...couldn't be more true in times of transition.
And it may be passe, but I still really dig this song; nothing in this world is for certain and most disappointments turn out to be a surprise blessing! (Can you remind me that the next time I forget it?)

Who's J.E. Dickerson? said...

WHAT????!? I'm glad for you, but oh-so-surprised!
Email me!

The Jolly Bee said...

I hope this is good news. But your attitude is good and that's half the battle. Take advantage of this time at home with your family.
-- Jodi

Elyse said...


you sound like you have a great attitude and are open to the possibilities!

wishing all good things !


Elyse said...

hi again!

i just put a little button with one of your etsy wreaths on my blog with a link. i am hoping some new bloggers will discover you and your sweet shop.

with a little downtime, it might be fun to have some etsy time!


Run Lori Run said...

I love Zuzu's quote! You are so positive. I am sending good vibes your way!!!

cindy said...

One of the best lines in the movie, City Slickers is, "now you get a do-over". You look like are already headed in that direction, I hope you will make it what you want it to be! You make such wonderfully fun things, I don't see how it could not! I hope you enjoy the direction you are headed in! :D

yapping cat

sherry said...

"When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us."

-- Alexander Graham Bell

You seem focused on the door that opens. Stay positive.

Maybe now we'll get to meet!