Friday, October 2, 2009

fall at french hen farm

Those uber-creative gals over at French Hen Farm have done it again! If you live near Marysville,, don't walk on over to this sale. (On Fladt Road. If you find Fladt Rd., you'll find it, I promise.) They're there 'til 5 today and open again tomorrow at 9am.

I was thinking how lucky I am to live so close to such a lovely event! Thanks for sharing your awesome farm with our community, Linda!

One of my little purchases that makes me smile. The 10 Commandments. The first one...Thou shalt have no other gods buts me.


Anonymous said...

I'm a long way away from OH, but enjoyed seeing this all very much! Great pics and I LOVE the pumpkins in the muffin tin!


The Jolly Bee said...

You're hitting some really neat sales. I think I'm jealous :)....I just wanted to invite you to participate in my apron drawing. I'm almost at 100 blog entries and I figured I celebrate by giving away an embellished Country Living apron. Head on over and good luck!

Jen said...

you DO find the best little do you do it?

cindy said...

Oh, if only I lived closer! I would so be there...looks like great fun and great shopping ! :D

yapping cat