Tuesday, June 2, 2009


A year ago you went to Heaven.

Today, I choose to remember the lady that you were and the memories that make me smile.

~horoscopes in our birthday cards

~Christmas packages with leotards & long plaid skirts inside

~weekend phone calls, excited for our turn to talk

~California visits in the summer

~your wrap skirts & espadrilles

~your crazy-big sunglasses

~your ever-freshly-applied lipstick

~your never-ending glass of iced tea

~your love for the game of golf

~your pool & tea house

~your Japanese water garden

~the neighbor kids, Jenny & Sarah

~Mt. Diablo from your window

~Grandpa Jack's nursery

~Lake Tahoe & playing with the chipmunks

~the house boat


~the Golden Gate Bridge

~the Silver Dollar Saloon

~crepes at The Magic Pan

~Zee and Hyka

~your bottle of Chanel No. 5 that you gave me when I was a tween (all because I said it smelled good)

~Kleenex, you were never without one

~your ever-classic exclamations (like "Oh, say!" and "Neat-o, Tam!")

~and, good golly...that Cadillac

You are loved. And missed.


vintage at heart said...

What a wonderful tribute and memories....

patientmom said...

Beautiful tribute...our memories really do keep the heart link connected. How good to know we will see our loved ones again, and to know that today your gran'mom walks on streets of gold. Be good to yourself and keep smiling ~ Bev

Anonymous said...