Tuesday, February 17, 2009

you can't judge a book by its cover

Or, in this case, you can't judge a Cracker Jack box by its...well, box. Monday, this little package landed on my stoop. Cracker Jack is so yummy, I thought I'd save it for a time when I could sneak away & really enjoy it.
Tuesday...a not-so-hot day. As soon as I hit the back door, I ran into the kitchen to nab the Cracker Jack (a little snack before dinner). I opened the box and instead of popcorn & peanuts, out came the sweetest bundles of PRIZES! Look at these packages...sewn up bits of sunshine...and, a lollipop!
Inside the first package was the tiniest, cutest little pink elephant. The next...vintage buttons! And the last package was the most awesome cupcake necklace...with PINK RHINESTONES! And, see that cupcake charm? It's a locket! Hand-soldered charms, a super-sweet collage, shiny, sparkly, it's so perfectly fun! I will treasure this wearable work of art!
The gal who sent this exquisite package? She has a heart of gold, a sassy sense of humor and one of the kindest hearts! I've met her just a few times (in person) but she's a soul that I feel connected to. We share a love of blogs, old stuff and most especially, Stampington & Somerset magazines. She is one of the most gifted writers and artists AND she's a shopkeeper. If you're ever in Topeka, KS...stop & say HI to my friend at her shop (which I'm quite sure is THE most clever, fun store in the U.S. of A.)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Kris! YOU are a gift!


ELK said...

happy happy post
special delivery

Elyse said...

OMG -- i just discovered your blog and it is wonderful. i am adding you to my blog list right now!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise. I would love have to seen your expression when you opened the box. I wish I had a trip to KS planned... but no such luck.