Monday, February 2, 2009

up with the good, down with the bad

My mom had her hip replaced on Thursday. (You're doing great, Mom!) Pretty amazing stuff. One of the "hip rules" that the physical therapist shared was "Up with the Good. Down with the Bad" with regards to going up & down steps at home.

After sitting with these words for a couple of days, I think they're pretty applicable to life, in general. UP with the GOOD, down with the bad.

(Photo is of a card that I made awhile ago, still love that patterned paper by Wild Asparagus.)


Anonymous said...

Hey Tami-hope you are doing good. Up with the good and down with the bad.......I hear ya!

Anonymous said...

Words to live by... thanks for sharing.
Prayers to your mom as she recovers and to those of you who are helping her during her recovery. Sherry

Old School Acres said...

Best wishes for you mom :)

Sara D. said...

Hope your Mom continues to improve quickly. Love the card. Sending happy thoughts to you and your family.