Monday, November 9, 2009

turkey, tags...and a kitty

If you're a regular reader, well then you know that I'm a big fan of the church food.

Sunday night, an annual tradition since I was a kid, we all packed up and went to the St. Paul's Turkey Supper. We go to church at St. John's, but it's okay to go to St. Paul's for the turkey 'cause they're good Lutherans over there too. You've gotta love the real china plates and the sweet, aproned ladies who serve it up. Goodness, was it delicious (and the food wasn't green, can I blame that on the lighting?)
So what's on tap for this week? Getting ready for our little church bazaar this weekend. Today was Tag Day and I think I'll declare tomorrow Felted Wool Day.
And...I learned something new today. Apparently, this is what one of our crazy kitties, Texas does all day. No wonder he races through the house while we're all sleeping. Have a happy week all!


Old School Acres said...

Oh, we love potluck Sundays at church. Unfortunately they only have them 4 times a year :(

Kitties are quite naughty at night, for sure.

patientmom said...

Hello Tami...wanted to write to say "Thank You", my latest package arrived all safe and sound and beautiful!and the bonus card you included is adorable :)...have a wonderful time at your bazaar..and I agree, hooray for church food! and your tags are just perfection!

Run Lori Run said...

Cute tags!

Our three nocturnal kitties have left us a few birds recently...yikes! They are perfect angels during the day and then night time rolls around and they are crazy!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

What a cute kitty! We're off to a spaghetti dinner at the high school tonight to benefit the music boosters. I love any night when I don't have to cook. Have a great weekend.
-- Jodi

Dogwood said...

Yummy looking food! Darling tags!Can't wait to see what you do on felted wool day!

Can't help but love those cats!!!! They can be soooo funny and entertaining.

Have a nice weekend.

cindy said...

Cute tags! And awww such a sweet kitty! :D

yapping cat

Jennifer said...

love your card at the top , your tags and your sweet kitty!! Thanks for coming by my blog!!

Tricia Samsal said...

YOur kitty and mine look like they could be twins!
Happy Thanksgiving!