Sunday, September 27, 2009

light the night walk

So here I am. Asking my blog friends for a BIG favor. Next Saturday night, Young Boy, my sister & I are walking in the Light the Night Walk for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

When Young Boy was just age 5 (thru about age 8) he went to daycare with a little guy named Nick. They were always the best of buddies, going on fieldtrips and hanging out at the pool together. Even when they went on to (different) Kindergarten & grade school, they've remained friends and continued going to the same daycare after school until they were about 8.

Young Boy is 11 now, and Nick is 12. Two years ago, Nick was diagnosed with leukemia. After many long treatments, stays in the hospital and meds., this little guy is now in a healing mode. Although the word "remission" hasn't been used, everyone is hopeful that that's what this stage is.

Throughout this time, one thing has touched me immensely. Kids CARE about each other in amazing ways. Little people have BIG relationships.

Last year, our family walked in the Race for the Cure (we stayed up all night and it was a ball!) That's Young Boy and Nick up there in the photo.

This year, we'll be walking, along with Nick and his family, in his honor. We're also walking in honor of my gran'mom, Lorraine who had lymphoma until she passed away last year.

If you'd like to donate (even just a little bit...we're asking for $2. from each of our friends), here's our page.

Thanks for listening to my plea...and thanks for considering!


leesilbeeblog said...

Thanks for the reminder via brain has been in a million places this month! It's wonderful that you guys are doing this, have fun walking!

Who's J.E. Dickerson? said...

Your journal entry is very timely for me: I went to a church service this weekend and the sermon was about the importance of everyone sharing the every little bit helps.

My father-in-law has Leukemia; a dear cousin is a Lymphoma survivor, so thanks for giving me the opportunity to throw something in the pot, Tami. You're a good girl.

Have fun on your walk!