Monday, October 27, 2008

it's okay to pray

Young Boy goes to a little Christian school where they have Preschool - 8th grade. It's the same school that my sister & I went to, my dad went to and my grandparents went to. Hmm, that might sound a little backward to some...but to me it's history, it's life in a small town. It's family and community.

Yesterday, they had an "around the pole" morning. Any kids that would like to are invited to come in a few minutes early, stand around the flagpole outside and have a morning devotion. It was too cold to be outside yesterday, so the kids gathered in the gym.

It dawned on me as I was listening. What a great thing for all of these kids to know that it's OKAY to pray. I've never been a 'preachy' kind of soul, but I do believe that it's a good foundation and I KNOW that it's something I still carry with me every day. What a blessing this church and school has been to my family.


Sara D. said...

They have made an impact on my kids -- drove by today and they both cheered and said "Look VBS!". :)

Old School Acres said...

Thank you for this post. Such a great lesson for kids

Catch The Snark said...

I love you so much Tamelita. Thanks for the post. You are a true, true, wonderful soul.

Grace said...

That is a very lovely story -- I do think it's important to let kids know that it is okay to pray...there is so much tumultuous activity in our world that knowing there is an acceptance in respite makes the world easier to understand. Every morning in elementary school, we would have chapel, and saying the daily prayer helped charge me for the day (even when I was very small and didn't know what all the "big" words meant) ;)