Saturday, August 23, 2008

a free morning & 35 cents

Hit a few garage sales yesterday morning...just as I was getting discouraged, I spied a 1950's blank recipe book (that I bought just for the vintage lined paper inside, for a quarter!), a red & white gingham tray (TEN cents!) and a Miracle Whip jar filled with wooden checker pieces (with CROWNS on them...5 cents!) Crazy that such little finds can make a soul so happy!

Later last night, I was paging through the book and found the real treasure...ONE hand-written recipe...


elizabeth said...

oh what an amazing score. i'm super jealous.

would you be willing to post the recipe? when it comes to donuts, you can never go wrong :)

love the blog :)

Simon said...

It's funny, we found a recipe book from grandma and it had some hand written recipes in it...the best treasure we have in our home from family taboot!