Wednesday, June 29, 2011

germany - beer

C'mon.  It's Germany.  I had to do it.  The beer there is plentiful...and pretty.
And while in the next photos, it may appear that I am a bad mother...yes, I did let Young Boy taste it.  We were in Germany, for gracious sakes...and, he's never tried it before.  Know what?  Even though he's smiling, he hated it :)  (And those were borrowed mugs, not his own!)

I asked our hostess about drinking beer during the workday (say, on your lunch break) and she said that is quite acceptable.  Go figure.

I didn't partake in any of the golden beverage while we were there...just not my thing.  But I do appreciate the seemed as if every town had its own special brew.  Tradition...that's cool.

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Paper Relics said...

yum - that beer all looks good!

You won the necklace contest on my blog! Please email me to arrange delivery!

Happy July!