Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Meet Bodhi. He's a Boggle (that's humane-society-mutt-talk for a boxer-beagle mix.) 10 weeks old, pure puppy. His favorite things? Young Boy, tennis shoes and whatever pair of underwear he can reach from the dirty clothes. We've never been a dog family before, so us and the 2 cats...we're getting to know one another. Just when I've reached my biting & chewing limit, he gives me that puppy look.

Daggone it...he's cute.

Any & all puppy-raising tips are appreciated! We're crate training and it's going really well. We need help with the biting & chewing issues though.


vintage girl at heart said...

Keep him busy with safe rawhides and plenty of chewy toys and he will stay busy and leave (some) of your stuff alone..tee hee..He is ah...dorable!!! How do the kitties like him??
I was thinking of you this morning flipping through my cupcake calender to see what's next!!

Diva Kreszl said...

wow! he is gosh darn cute...you'll need to remember that often I'm afraid, puppy years can seem quite long but well worth the effort if done well. Crate training is definitely a good way to go, as for the chewing, distraction with his own chew toys a must. the kids will learn soon enough if they leave stuff lying around it's fair game. 'The Dog Whisperer' is a great tv show that covers lots of obedience training. If you train him to be well behaved you'll all be happy and you'll have a lifelong friend! googluck :)

Dogwood said...

He is too cute! Too cute. I love his sweet face. Oh, you are going to have so much fun.

Have a puppy filled evening!

Who's J.E. Dickerson? said...

Our (MANY!) dogs have all loved Kong balls: they're industrial- strength rubber toys that you can hide a piece of cheese or a treat inside. Keeps them busy for an hour, keeps their teeth super-clean, and keeps them from eating my leather chairs-- I think they're pooped out from all the chewing. As our vet says, "A tired dog is a good dog!"

In no time at all, you'll wonder how you lived without him -- enjoy your 4-legged trouble-maker! He's a doll.

cindy said...

bodhi is gorgeous! good luck and have fun with your newest member of the family!

Anonymous said...

he's adorable!

when our Ginger was a pup....(Jack Russell Terrier btw) we had a terrible time with the biting...

so I just would put her own cheek in between her teeth as she was trying to bite me, and she thus would be biting herself...and hurting herself first, she'd stop...accompany that with a firm NO...and it worked for us!

hope that helps!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Windy Meadows Farm said...

Ahhh, he's a keeper, and what fun you'll have!

Run Lori Run said...

I know nothing about dogs but your certainly is a cute one. Invest and keep up the training, I hear it is absolutely necessary for your sanity!

Jen said...

crate training is DEF the way to go and i second the recommendation of the kong.

this is going to sound gross but if you put a few spoonfuls of peanut butter inside and then pop them in the freezer for an hour or so... he'll love it!

keeps them busy and safely chewing until they're over it. we also had success with those big "real" bones from the grocery store.

jake went through a kong stage, then bone, then back to the kong...now bone again. she'll be 11 this year so some breeds just never give it up! :)