Sunday, August 30, 2009

puttin' up some pickles

I've always longed to create memories in a summer kitchen. I'd tie on my vintage flour sack-apron, bring in the fresh, crisp produce from my tidy garden and put up the best of summer in my pantry...for winter, you know. Sort of like Little House on the Prairie.

Today. Today was a little dream come true. My sister & I spent an afternoon at Mikamy Meadows, where the lovely Amy shared her talents with us by showing us how to can pickles. From washing, slicing, packing to brining, water-bathing & more...what a delightful afternoon!

Thank you, Amy!


Dogwood said...

What a fun thing to do~pickles. Love the look of the finished project. That is such a sweet looking flower arrangement in the first photo. I like tha casual look. Have a good day. Dogwood

Elyse said...

ooh, how fun! i'm sure they are going to be delicious!

in my little house on the prairie type fantasies i like to include indoor plumbing! LOL


Freshly Found said...

Beautiful autumn flowers for you and spring buds for us here in the Southern Hemisphere!

cindy said...

My Aunt used to make Ice-box pickles when I was a kid...those were some of the best pickles ever. These look great too!

yapping cat

karyn said...

those pickles look delicious. sounds like you had a great teacher.