Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a black eye & a case of the grumps

Ever just have one of those weeks? Yep, me too. Started on Monday night when I had a little altercation with my washing machine. Bent down to pick up something on the floor in front of it and whapped my eye on the latch of the door. The doc said it was a contusion, a fancy name for bruise. I'm saving on make-up this week though, only having to do half my face...the other half has quite enough color.

Since then, I've had a case of the grumps. Trying to look for the little pockets of sunshine, but just can't seem to locate them right now. I'm giving myself one last continue my pity party. Tomorrow, must find some good.

This print from BettyTurbo totally cracked me up!


Who's J.E. Dickerson? said...

Close your eyes and visualize:
Orange popsicles.
Red Balloons.
Kitten feet.
Babies in bikinis.
Brand new pencils.
Your stupid washing machine being run over by a steam roller.
Now, do you feel uncranky? Your week can only get better from here on out!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Love that print's okay to have the grumps sometimes and just get it out of your system like everyone else. Then quickly refer to the aforementioned popsicles and kitten feet! :)

patientmom said...

Oh Tami...I am so sorry...things usually look brighter in morning...just look at all your pretty baubles, that should make you smile, I know they make me smile :)...praying for a brighter tomorrow for you :)

aja said...

ouch! check out what my 3 year old did: