Sunday, April 5, 2009

old school

Literally, MY old school...and my parents' old school. My mom & dad went to high school in this building and I went to Kindergarten there.

Up until a few months ago, kids were still attending elementary school in this building, but a new building's been built and they're tearing down the old one. They opened up the "old school" this weekend for folks to come in and say goodbye and to have the opportunity to buy a little piece of history.

Such an iconic school building. It was a wonderful opportunity to see so many people from our community talking about all of the memories they had there.

Even my Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Blumenschein was there!

During the last days in the building, they let the kids write on the walls, which was pretty fun to read their messages.

Jeff, a friend of the family, was the auctioneer and that's my dad holding up the sign & trophy.

Goodbye old'll be missed.


LaurieStar said...

This is an interesting post. What will they do with the old school now that they have a new one?

Elyse said...

did you buy a souvenier? the little book you included looks so sweet. bye school. :(

patientmom said...

I'm cuiious too...did you high bid anything at the auction?...I love old school stuff :) globes and trophies, flags and pencil sharpeners...what fun!

cupcake studio said...

Hi ladies,
Yep, I did leave with a student chair and 2 boxes of big flashcards. The flashcards are awesome...if I can part with a few, I may put some on etsy. They're very "Dick & Jane-like." :) I'll miss that building when they tear it down...

Elyse said...

hey cupcake!

thank you so much for your etsy purchase today. it made a rainy day much brighter!


Susan from The T-Cozy said...

How sad that your school will be no longer. But how nice that you were able to see it one last time. They tore down my elementary school and I wish I would have had the chance to have a final visit.

Michele said...

Awwww...I hate when they tear down old building like that. So many memories! Did you buy anything?


Anonymous said...

Ah well, this is old news...I missed this post. So sad! History like that should be preserved in my book...but that's life, I guess.

On the positive've blogged about it and the auction was a terrific idea!