Monday, December 29, 2008

"don't shoot your eye out, kid."

Christmas highlights...
A boy & his new bb gun (thanks, Papa!)

And...the most mortifying gift.

My sister finally got her new house! Closing & moving at the end of this week. Tickled for her!

I got a surprise gift from hubby...something I've always wanted to do. Here's a clue: Sweet Sister & I will be going somewhere this week to watch something "drop."

Have been counting our blessings and enjoying every moment of vacation & time at home. It's so good for the soul! Have a great week and see you in the new year!


Susan Tuttle said...

Ooo - no way -- what a great New Year's it will be for you! Have fun!

What a beautiful holiday banner.

Happy New Year!


Sarah said...

oh how funny!
Vintage Lily